About me

Write a code with love πŸ’–


So, i have a lot of skills. Are they ones that you may be interested in:

  • html
  • css
  • js
  • webpack
  • gulp
  • git
  • react
  • redis
  • redux
  • typescript
  • styled
  • s[a,c]ss
  • postgresql
  • twig
  • pug/jade
  • ember
  • postcss
  • node.js

Of course, my knowledge is not limited to this. You can ask me about other skills and i think i know it

My projects

EggTimer β€” it is a timer of a cooking eggs.
You can choise options: readiness degree
and type of eggs

Pomodoro Timer β€” it is a timer of work using
pomodoro technique

I like it and use every day. It’s awesome
a habits tracker! I home you like app to